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#LiberatedLife: Why downsize your home?

When it comes time to retire, downsizing your home is the most logical and financially-smart thing to do, and here’s why:


A smaller space means reduced utilities

Your utilities are working overtime to fill heat and cool air into empty rooms. This means your poor wallet is getting the brunt of it. A smaller home will result in less energy being used to heat or cool.


Cleaning is a breeze

Do you have rooms you ignore because it’s just covered in dust from years of it sitting unused? That’s rarely the case with smaller homes because they are easier to clean and maintain. Who wouldn’t love that?


Downsizing is eco-friendly

Smaller homes that cater to the retirement crowd tend to be closer to all the necessary essentials, meaning most things are within walking distance or easily accessible by public transit. Leave the car behind and go for a walk! As well, a smaller space means you’re less likely to purchase that large and garish sectional sofa that you’ll never use. Waste not, want not!


Decluttering is good for the soul

The process of decluttering can be long and difficult, but you will feel much lighter and happier once you get going. Going at it with a plan is helpful because it’ll keep you on track and you’ll feel like you’re making progress. We like these decluttering road maps from Real Simple and The Organised Housewife.


Have you already downsized? What do you love most about living in a smaller home?